How can I know where to dig for worms?



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    Dig for earthworms when the ground is soft and moist. A good time to look is right after a rain when the worms begin to burrow to the surface of the ground. While the ground is dry, you will have to dig a lot further. Look for dark, damp areas to find worms. Popular earthworm hangouts are under large rocks and logs in wooded areas. You are likely to see a few wriggling out in the open when you lift the rocks.

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    One method for finding worms is to soak cardboard and set it in the grass overnight.  You will find many worms under it in the morning.  Worms like warm, wet dirt and those places will be the best ones in which to find a density of worms.  Cow farms, or other places with alot of manure will also be good places to find large amounts of worms.

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    Worms like dark, and damp places and these are usually found under rocks, and some heavy containers that have been stationed for too long a time. If one lifts up any of such during the rains, one will find worms in their numbers.

    Besides, worms also thrive under heavy composts but not when fermentation is high.

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