How can I keep from wasting so much paper at college?



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    There are a couple of things you can do:

    • only print when you are 100% sure you need to print the item
    • print on both sides of the paper – you can set your printer be on default to print double sided
    • don’t print one line emails
    • use technology as much as possible – take notes on your laptop instead of on paper
    • don’t print an unnecessary number of copies of anything
    • recycle what you use
    • use recycled paper only
    • most of all, only print what is absolutely necessary
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    I have found that the best way my college saves paper is by utilizing the online sites that connect teachers with students, and students with their peers. On the site that my school uses, all homework, syllabi, lecture notes, and announcements are posted online.  Similarly, all assignments are turned in online.  I have taken classes in which the professor literally never handed out a single sheet of paper, and I never turned one in.  Most schools use a system like this, but if yours does not I believe it would be highly beneficial to speak with school officials about getting something set up.  Below is the link to the site that my university uses.

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