How can I keep natural cosmetics from going bad so quickly?



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    Some natural cosmetics do come with preservatives–natural preservatives such as essential oils and Vitamin E can be effective additives already in your makeup. However, not all natural products contain these, so you should check the ingredients. You can make your natural (or regular) cosmetics last longer by keeping them out of the heat and sunlight, keeping all lids tightly closed, or by storing them in the fridge. This will slow the growth of germs and bacteria.

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    You should definitely keep your natural cosmetics sealed when not using them and perhaps even putting them in the fridge, as Dara has suggested. However, they should last as long as it takes to use it all. For instance, my Suki cleanser and toner will last the approximately three months it takes me to go through the entire bottle. Make sure you check the labels as they usually have storage instructions.

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