How can I keep my Teflon pans from harming me?



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    Teflon pans are generally somewhat safe to use. Scratching it will not harm you, since any chemicals or toxins in Teflon are released through very high heat (we actually had a question about this awhile ago. Feel free to search for “Teflon” in the upper right hand searchbox). It is best to keep the heat you’re using below 396 degrees Fahrenheit, since Teflon begins to release chemicals past this mark. Don’t preheat your pan, and don’t allow food or oil to burn. Use it on medium to low heat, where you can be sure it’s under the 396 degree mark.

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    Nonstick teflon pans are safe as long as they aren’t overheated. Once they’re overheated, they begin to break down at the molecular level and can release carcinogens. You won’t be able to see the toxic materials being released. This danger occurs when the pan is at themperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    When using Teflon products, be sure to use at reasonable temperatures when cooking with a maximum temperature use of 500 degress F. Be sure to handwash these products because dishwashers ran under a heavy wash setting tend to ruin the Teflon lining.

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