How can I keep my potatoes from growing those little white buds on them?



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    The little white “buds” are sprouts that will grow into roots when you plant the potato. The best way to keep them from forming is to use your potatos quickly. It is usually older potatoes that are sprouting. If you keep your potatoes in the fridge or a cool place, like an unheated basement or garage, it will take longer for the sprouts to form.

    Alternatively, you could cut the potato into sections, each with a sprout and then plant them to grown your own potato plants!

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    The only thing you can really do is store them correctly.  When you get home, take them out of the plastic and put them in a paper bag.  The plastic allows for too much moisture to be trapped near the potatoes.  Secondly, keep them in a cool but not cold spot.  Also make sure you are keeping them somewhere dark to prohibit the sprouting process.  Hope this helps!

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    Like the above answers stated, keeping your potatoes in a cool, dry place will help. Also, if they do start to grow, you can simply flick them off with your thumb, much like the way you would flick a bug off of a surface to keep them from growing bigger; it won’t hurt the potato, and while the buds themselves aren’t good to eat, they don’t do anything to the potato. 

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