How can I keep my pipes from freezing in my winter home?



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    Insulation. If you live in a climate where the temperature is regularly below freezing in the wintertime, you may need to look at insulating the pipes where they come into your home or any crawl spaces where the pipes are relatively more exposed to the elements than the rest of the home. Also, keep your home’s temperature above 60F. However, whoever built your home should have made sure any pipes coming into or going from your house were built below the particular frost-line for your region.

    HGtv has some good tips in the link below.

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    If placement of pipes is possible, making sure they’re not exposed to subfreezing temperatures would be ideal: keep them out of attics, crawl spaces or vulnerable outside walls.  Otherwise, making sure your house has ample insulation as to make sure the temperates within your house walls don’t fall below freezing point.  If you have any cracks or holes in walls or foundations near pipes, make sure they’re filled in.  See the link below for more ideas!

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