How can I keep my bike tires from getting thorns in them and going flat?



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    If this is a common problem for you, the first thing I would suggest is to ride someplace that is less thorny. If you are riding a road bike, thorns are especially hazardous because the tires are narrower and made of thinner rubber. Mountain bike tires are not as susceptible to puncture because they are thicker. All bike tires contain a fabric core that contributes to its strength and shape (just like steel belts do for car tires). High performance bikes typically utilize tubular tires (with a rubber tube inside) that make them lighter but harder to maintain.

    So what I would suggest to you, beyond not riding through rose bushes, is using a mountain bike because their tires are designed to withstand some heavy damage.

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    I have a similar problem with glass…not thorns.

    At most bike shops, you can buy a special tape that lines the tire to give it some extra protection from hazards like…thorns. It looks similar to the outside of a tennis ball, with adhesive that sticks to the inside of your tire and protects the inner tube.

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    Buy better tires.  When the lovably rude, greasy bikeshop employees tell you to get better tires, they’re not just saying it to make money.  A higher-grade, puncture-resistent tire will not only reduce the amount of flats you get from thorns and glass, but typically it has a higher PSI maximum, which significantly reduces the risk of pinch-flats if inflated properly.

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    The ticket is Tire Savers. They are old school and hard to find (the owner of R & E cycles in Seattle orders them for me; he may be able to tell you where to find them…  Basically they are little upside down, u-shaped metal hoops that float above your tires right where your break pads are located; they barely skim the surface of your tires so that nothing has time enough to get imbedded in the rubber. They are hard to describe, but THEY WORK!!!! I haven’t had a flat since I bought them and I ride everyday in a city full of sharp road grit.

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