How can I keep ants out of my kitchen?



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    Well for starters you need to make sure you clean all food off of counters and store open snacks and fruits.  After your kitchen is clean, you can line the windowsills with chalk or Vaseline to keep ants from entering.  Spray your kitchen surfaces with vinegar, or sprinkle black pepper on them.  Ants will not come near this stuff.  Hope this helps!

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    Some ways to keep ants out of the kitchen include:

    • Keeping grapes in the fridge and not on the counter.
    • Clean any sugar spills on the counter
    • Clear out cupboards regularly

    Check out the link for more ways. 

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    It is also important to check the sealing on your doors, windows, and floors. While you should follow the advice about food listed above, it will also help if they have fewer ways to get in!

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