How can i improve my muscle’s ??

Guys send your views… thanks.



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    That depends on your primary goals (and there are a lot of them, think carefully).

    To start, one thing that fitness centers and body builders won’t tell you is that bodies that are enhanced by special, regular exercise — need to continue to be exercised. Mother Nature expects that a body develops muscles for a reason. So, for example, you are a warrior in ancient Greece? You’re gonna have one heck of a right sword arm! But if you are a warrior in Renaissance England? Your best muscles might be those that shoot a bow. And they are quite different.

    Once you stop exercising? Your body figures it doesn’t need those muscles, and they start to degenerate. That’s what the fitness centers won’t tell you. If you use all their equipment, it disposes you to continue using it. It’s almost like a drug habit.

    Exaggeration? Not quite. Heavy exercise releases all kinds of natural drugs into your system. And people in gyms? They can get addicted to those “highs”.

    If you were a medieval warrior — you’d need them. If you are a farmer today — you’d need them. They are there for a natural purpose.

    But gyms turn exercise into a fad, and possibly into a habit.

    Regardless of what experimenting you want to do, remember that, unless you have fantastic genes, your body may not be some muscle guy/girl in the making. I have a family of friends who are all superb atheletes. That isn’t my family! But then, none of them have people who have done anything particularly distinguished with their career. None of them are creative.

    There’s advice for looking for a date that applies here: Do things you enjoy doing. Don’t concentrate on “improving your muscles” so much, concentrate on improving the physical activity that you enjoy.

    (And P.S., don’t have anything to do with people who are trying to sell you something. Do regular, reasonable exercise. That’s what Mother Nature designed your body for.)

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