How can I improve the gas mileage of my car?



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    To improve your gas mileage, be sure to deep your vehicle well maintained, avoid using any gas-saving claims for automotive devices or oil and gas additives, keep your tires properly inflated, find the best gas prices (buy gas from a wholesale club), optimize your traveling (run errands efficiently), and buy gas during the coolest times of the day – during these times gasoline is densest.

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    There are four basic tenants to having the best mileage you can have. The starting point is buying a car with the best mileage. After that you want to try and drive more efficiently – slower stopping and starting, lower high way speeds equal better mileage, get rid of excess weight. Then make sure you keep your car in shape, tune-ups, recommended oil choice, belts, fluids, tire pressure, and air filter to name a few. All the while though you want to keep in mind how often and when you need to drive, or even if you need to. Walk or bike when you can or even the good old car pool will help. This also entails trying not to travel during peak hours.

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