How can I help pandas being here in America?



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    There are numerous things you can do to help Pandas.  Your best options are either donating money to a zoological park, or “adopting” one from a wildlife fund such as WWF.  I have included a couple of links to get you started.  

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    There are indirect ways you can help too. Spreading the word about the plight of the panda might inspire other to help in the ways listed above or by a more direct goal. If you are a teacher you could incorporate a unit on the Giant panda, or you could hold a Panda themed party with pamphlets available on ways others can get involved.

    And a very tiny way to help would be to buy products that donate profits to Panda causes, like the Endangered Species Chocolate Company Panda bar.

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    For making donations, here is a pretty comprehensive list of zoos with Panda programs:

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