how can i help my bunny not to chew everything in my house? he has toys but doesnt use them. what do i do?



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    I found a site that recommends providing rabbit toys, such as tree limbs that they can chew on.  Also, it suggest to spay or neuter your rabbit.  There are lots of helpful suggestions at the link below.

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    My experience is simply that rabbits chew on what ever they get can get to. It’s just how they interact with the world around them. Best thing to do is block off and raise things you don’t want the bunny to get into. Here is a link that talks about why rabbits chew up your house.

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    If you take away the temptations, they seem to do better.  Make sure no wires, cables, or things like wicker are at their level.  I bunny-proofed several rooms by creating off-limit zones so that my bunny does not chew on wires.  She doesn’t mess with the baseboards so it has worked wonderfully for her be able to have access to those rooms without supervision.  It also helps that she is potty trained.  If your bunny doesn’t chew the baseboards and would be happy with a set up like I described, I’d recommend simply keeping all the wires out of reach.

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