How can I help the environment while I am in high school?



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    Does your school participate in a recycling program? If not, try to get one implemented. If so, encourage participation.  You could also look at getting your school to start a composting program, or convince your principal to start becoming a terracycle upcycling program.  Terracycle is a company that collects things like chip bags, energy and candy bar wrappers, gum containers and even drink pouches that many of your fellow students may use.  Your school could collect these items, have a few students responsible for sorting and ship them to terracycle to be made into other products like purses, kites and picture frames. 

    If you could get either or both the composting and terracycle projects started you would divert a lot of wastes from the landfill to better uses.

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    You can also use public transportation, bike, and or walk to school. Packing your own lunch can also make a difference. Just like greenbean stated above, participating in a recycling program will also benefit the planet all while helping you make concious decisions. If you want to take it a step further, you can also start a composting program. If and when you go shopping, be aware of what you are buying, how it was made, and where it was made. When going out to eat, go for local and organic foods and stay away from the highly processed varieties. There are many more things you can do but this should be a good start 🙂 good luck!

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    Does your school have an environmental club?  Most high schools have them.  If you do, join it!  You will start helping the world in no time!

    If not join groups like Oceana, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, or a local environmental group.  Trust me, nobody will ever turn down someone willing to help. 

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    If there isn’t a club already established that you can join, start your own.  You can get some friends together and make posters or other visuals and hang them up in the halls for people to see (be sure to ask for permission first).  When doing projects, presentations, or speeches, pick a topic that spreads awareness of environmental issues when you are given the freedom and flexibility to choose your own.

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    Go fishing! Go Hunting! Enjoy the outdoors, develop an appreciation for the outdoors, for fish, for wildlife, and take someone with you. A great life of conservation and environmental stewardship starts with the enjoyment and sense of wonderment of our natural resources. When you enjoy the outdoors, you value the outdoors, you protect and conserve the outdoors. Now get out there and wet a line!

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    You can be the one who always makes sure the computers and lights are turned off when you leave a room.  Also try to keep doors shut as it saves a lot of energy on heating and cooling.  Teach your fellow classmates the small things they can do like these that will add up. 

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