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    There are many, many different ways to help the environment.  Think about what is most important to you.  Is it climate change?  Renewable energy?  Sustainable agriculture?  Figure out what it is.  Then, depending on what you pick, you can take different steps to help the environment in turn.  Let’s say you’re concerned about pollution.  One step you can take is to be more proactive about recycling.  Take a look at some of the articles on this site — they’re a great starting point for ideas.

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    The best thing that you alone could do is to live your life in a more eco-friendly manner. Take all the steps you are able to live greener and to minimize your effect on the planet. Recycling, driving less and conserving water are great, easy places to start.

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    The easiest thing to do is exactly what you were taught in grade school

    Reduce (Do you really need, or even want, all things you keep buying?)

    Reuse (Many things can be used over and over again, why throw out that glass jar, reuse it!)

    Recycle (If you wont reuse it, at least put it in the blue bin)

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    By being a community member on greenanswers you’re already helping the environment.  Education and learning is the most important tool to betterment.  Once you understand the scope of situations, you can begin thinking about ways to help. As a consumer you can choose products that are more eco-friendly, but be sure to know the ingredients and practices behind them, there’s a lot of false “eco-friendly” claims.

    Also…..spread awareness. Share the information you learn.

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