How can I heat my home in a green way?



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    Solar power is one of the most practical ways to heat a house or generate energy for electricity. Solar panels, or photovoltaic modules, are available for residential installation and are often used in combination with a backup energy system and can be used on or off the “grid.” Depending on where you live, solar may or may not be a practical option (Seattle – maybe not, Colorado – probably). In many areas, there are companies that specialize in setting your home up with solar power — check your phone book or the Internet for listings.

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    Some good news is that solar power is now becoming more affordable. As opposed to paying a large installation fee at once, some companies are now charging for solar power with a monthly rate, much more like regular energy bills. 

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    Now, it is trend that heat your home with solar power and light your house with LED fluorescent lamps. My grandparents are upgrading the house in which they have lived for 24 years to reduce their heating and lighting bills and make space for their grandchildren to play, it is really wonderful and green.

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