How can I heat my apartment without using a lot of energy?



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    You will be using energy to heat your house.  However, you can significantly cut down on your energy used by proofing your house.  Ultimately, you want to make sure that the heat from your apartment stays in and the cold air outside stays out.  Look into getting heat-proof windows, and make sure you do not have any cracks in your walls.

    The link below shows dozens of tips how you can keep your house warm without using so much energy.

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    You can use space heaters instead of the thermostat heater to heat up your apartment, and only use them in rooms you are currently using. Thermostats usually heat up the whole unit, and most of the time you will only be in one room. To keep warm without using any energy, you can bundle up in blankets and sweaters. 

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    Open the shades during the day to increase solar heat gain. If it is warmer during the day than at night open lower windows to draw in heat during the day then close them once the temperature inside is as warm as outside. Elevate yourself because heat rises and cold air sinks. Also wear socks and a hat because you lose the most heat from these areas of the body.

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    I have heard over and over that space heaters are the way to go. In addition to that though, I have also found that filling a hot water bottle and sticking it under the sheets before you get in bed is a nice way to cut down on energy use at night. It makes the bed really warm, almost hot, which means that you can use other heating appliances sparingly or not at all during the coldest hours when you’ll probably be asleep anyway.

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