How can I have a green barbecue party?



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    Planet Green has a great list of ways to green your BBQ party.  1) plan ahead: make sure you have a good grasp on how many guests are attending so you don’t overbuy and waste food.  If it’s a potluck, coordinate on who brings what so that there aren’t repeats that get left uneaten.  2)  buy green groceries:  buy local and organic foods if you can; opt out of buying prepackaged (especially plastic packaged) foods – make your own potato chips rather than buying bags on top of bags.  Buy in bulk if you have to buy prepacked.  3) ditch the disposables:  avoid using plastic or paper dishes and silverware – use something that you can resuse – if you can’t, look for recycled paper products.  4) Mind the meat:  consider serving less meat, and wisely buy the meat that you do use (organic, etc).  5) choose an effecient grill and keep it well maintained. These are just a few of the easy ways to green your BBQ party. Follow the link to read on.

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