How can I “greenify” the use of my fireplace?



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    Here are a couple of ways you can green your fireplace:

    Add glass doors to your wood-burning or vented gas fireplace. They will reduce the amount of cold outside air that enters your room through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. During the summer, glass doors also help to keep conditioned air from escaping your home.

    Weatherstrip your fireplace by using a reusable, inflatable plug that is inserted into the fireplace beneath the damper (part of it hangs down into the fireplace to prevent you from building a fire before removing it).

    Add a “fireback” to wood-burning fireplaces. A fireback is a sheet of metal, sized in proportion to the fireplace, that’s placed against the inside backwall of the fireplace. It helps to radiate and reflect heat back into the room.

    A top sealing damper replaces the fireplace throat damper and is installed at the top of the chimney to reduce air infiltration.

    A fireplace heater dramatically increases the convection heat (hot air) coming from your fireplace and also serves as the grate on which to place logs.

    Burn only seasoned wood (wood that has been cut at least a year ago and kept dry) to produce the most heat with the least amount of creosote build-up.  Some other options include these cleaner-burning logs.

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    Here are some more links to help you in your research.

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