How can I “greenify” my business?



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    One place to get started is to calculate you businesses carbon footprint. This is essentially a measure of how much the everyday activities of your business are contributing to the build up of greenhouse gases. Once you know how much you are contributing you can start see where you can cut back, purchasing energy efficient appliances and replace light bulbs for CFLs or LEDs or even installing solar power systems. Getting to be carbon neutral would be ideal but depending on the business this maybe difficult. If you really want to get to that goal though you can buy carbon off-sets buy investing in renewable energy resources. Nowadays there are consultancies that will help you do all these things if the task seems too daunting to take on your self. The links below should help you get started.

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    I agree.  Moreover, you can encourage your employees to go green as well and spread the word.  Set up a car pool to work or encourage those who can to ride bikes or use public transit.  Buy products from green suppliers and make sure people reuse and recycle as much as possible.

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