How can I go green with my car?



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    The greenest thing to do is to not use it 🙂 Try to commute through alternative modes of transportation like biking. walking, train, bus, carpooling, etc. If you must drive, drive conservatively, getting the best mileage possible. You may also want to look into converting your car to biodiesel or investing in a hybrid vehicle. Making sure your car is always tuned up will also help you pollute less. Finally, for the times you must drive, you could purchase offsets for your yearly emissions.

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    By ensuring that your tire’s air pressure is full, you’ll get more gas efficiency.  If you are driving to multiple places, plan out the route ahead of time so you don’t drive extra distances that aren’t needed.  Carpool when you can.

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    To increase gas mileage for your vehicle, try relieving unnecessary weight/heavy objects in the car. Maybe consider a carbon fiber hood to reduce weight to the car, which helps it accelerate faster. Waxing and detailing the car can help make the outdoor surface smoother and allow wind to bounce off easier. Similar to what nadeged said, drive 60-65 mph on the freeway and an appropriate speed, without too much acceleration and power. These suggestions does take some time and effort, but they benefit both you and the car.

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