How can I go green in Manhattan?



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    If you’ve got power in numbers, such as you’re working with your co-op, apt building or condo, then you can check out organizations like GreenHomeNYC to help you make some major, structural changes. 


    If you’re looking for things that you can personally do, going green in Manhattan is not much different than anywhere else.  Set the thermostat a little lower in the winter, avoid AC use in the summer.  Install CFL lightbulbs (once the ones you use burn out, of course), take shorter showers, unplug all electronics not in use, especially chargers of any kind.  Walk or bike to work if possible, if not take public transportation.  Buy a portable beverage container and stop buying bottled water or to-go cups at coffee shops.  Bring your own bag to the grocery store instead of using paper or plastic disposables that they provide, and while you’re there, buy as local as possible.  Eat less meat, or go all the way and go veg.  Look up your local recycling rules, and reuse things as much as possible.  Rent DVDs, books, etc rather than buying them.  There are tons of simple day-to-day things you can do to make your life in NYC a little more eco-friendly.

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    There are plenty of ways. The best is to simply start eating a more vegetarian diet. Eat less meat, use more public transit, and try to save electricity and water around the house.

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