How can I get worms in my compost pile?



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    Composting worms (typically referred to as red worms) don’t regularly occur in nature, so efforts to lure effective worms into your compost bin from surrounding nature generally don’t work. Artificially introducing worms into the compost is the only way to ensure quick and effective composting.

    Worms can be got in one of three major ways: 1) purchasing them from local or online suppliers (20-40 USD/lb), 2) finding a fellow composter and asking them to share some of their worms (as the worms reproduce fairly quickly, payback shouldn’t be too big of a problem), or 3) travelling to a local farm, where manure piles are often rich with red worms that are not subject to any private property concerns (ie legal to take).

    Having in someway procured worms, ensuring their continued health and reproduction is a simple matter of supplying your compost with manure and leafy greens, materials rich in fibrous nutrient that makes red worms thrive and produce effective compost.

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