How can I get the snow off my roof without going up there and shoveling it?



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    DO NOT CLIMB UP ON YOUR ROOF WITH A SNOW SHOVEL! This can be very dangerous, and can also damage your roof. You could use a roof rake, which is exactly what its name indicates, an implement for literally raking snow off your roof. Most roof rakes come with 6 and 8-foot handle extensions that can be added for whatever length you need. Call Home Depot, Lowe’s or other home store and see where you can get one. More proactively, you can increase the efficiency of the insulation in your home to prevent snow and ice build-up in the first place–though of course this takes time and investment and won’t help you with the snow that’s already there (especially if you suffered in the February 2010 East Coast blizzard). A unique device for rooftop snow removal was patented in 2001, combining elements of a roof rake and a sort of slide armed with a cutter. I could not determine whether this device is in commercial circulation, but the patent is valid.

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