How can I get rid of the mosquitoes in my yard?



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    Well for starters, here are some green solutions: if you have a lawn, it would be best to keep the grass short, since mosquitoes like to dwell in long grass and wet environment. Keep thing short and dry. If you have a pond, it is also good to have mosquito eating fish, such as the Gambusia.Mosquitoes are also least active during the day so it is good to spray, less toxic insecticides, if nothing else works. Make sure the sprays do not contain permethrin, which is very dangerous and not eco-friendly.

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    There are several ways of preventing and getting rid of mosquitoes. Surprisingly, landscaping and using bug lights outside and around doors and windows can help. Also, when using a repellent, make sure that it’s effective and not harmful for the environment – a reliable brand is DEET. Other ways include putting a mosquito net or other types of barriers.

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    I agree, a good start is to not give the mosquitoes a place to live. Sort grass is good to have, and if there is any standing water at all, that would be good to get rid of, that is where bugs like to breed. 

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