How can i get Perfect look just like Hollywood celeb. ?

send me your views guys…. i am waiting here.



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    This revolutionary anti ageing cream increases the collagen content and moisturizes the skin to keep it young and beautiful all lifelong.

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    you can do plastic surgery

    if u does not want to waste money do fairness treatment

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    Realize that Hollywood sets up an unrealistic view of beauty; airbrushing and heavy makeup play a large role in the creation of celebrities and the “ideal” image that we are all supposed to aspire to. For instance, look at this picture of Katy Perry without makeup. It’s a shocking picture not because she’s ugly–she’s still pretty, although she’s making a funny face in the picture–but because it’s so different than how she looks in all of the other pictures, interviews and music videos that we’ve seen. Hollywood celebrities are not perfect.

    It’s fine to use makeup and dress up and look nice, sure, but these things should accentuate you and your natural beauty. It shouldn’t be the other way around. 

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    Your question is hypocritical to me because I think Hollywood celebrities are far from perfection. The images that you see of celebrities are unreal and unnatural. To me, perfection is what is natural. Nature, in my opinion, is perfect.

    The ideal image as they advertise is being thin and flawless, so here are the steps I would suggest. Exercise, plastic surgery and be the most selfish and self-obsessed and self-absorbed person you know. Wa la!

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