How can I get my water to boil faster than it does?



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    Apply downward pressure on the pot. Pressure speeds up molecules and increases collisions, which in turns creates energy and heat. You will notice that putting force on boiling water will make it boil faster.

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    It’s generally faster to boil water if you microwave it.  It usually takes only a few minutes, whereas it would take longer on the stove.  The only problem with this is that you usually can’t boil a lot of water at a time.  However, if you’re making something like a single serving of rice, it may be worthwhile and quick.

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    Put water in a pot with a tight fitting lid and place pot over an open flame. Make sure there is not an open window or door near the stove; this makes the flame flicker makes it less effective. 

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    You can also use an electric water kettle to boil your water – it takes about a minute or two. The kettles don’t make as much water as a large pot would, but they are useful for foods like rice, oatmeal, and single servings of pasta. Here is an example of a water kettle:

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    If you add a few pinches of salt, it will boil faster.

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