How can I get my rose bushes to be bigger than they are now?



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    Try composting. Add old leaves, unwanted parts of vegetables, egg shells, etc and layer these items with the soil. Visit the website below to gain more insight on the region of the US you live in, and how this can affect your rose garden.

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    Also consider pruning branches: trim crossing branches and unwanted/thin branches so more energy and nutrients are concentrated on growing existing, thicker branches. Pruning is similar to cutting hair: regular trimming actually advances growth rather than hinders it and the longer a plant goes without trimming, the more it feels that it doesn’t need to grow. Thus, once a plant is pruned properly and to the appropriate size (not too short), it will automatically have the need to grow back its branches and maintain its growth vitality.

    On another note, make sure nearby plant species are not in competition with your rose bushes, even though they are hardy plants and pretty tolerant of many diverse conditions. The right amount of soil composition and texture, as well as, water requirements and sunlight will all support rose bush growth. Patience and time is key to gardening, so constant maintenance and observation are necessary for plant survival and growth.


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    Many people use commercial fertilizers to make their plants grow larger, which are pretty effective. However, they’re also dangerous to the environment and public health, typically containing chemicals that can poison water supplies.  Try using green fertilizing alternatives, such as compost and alfalfa sprouts. A number of excellent choices are detailed in my link!

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