How can I get my kids to help the environment?



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    There was a recent post about being creative with punishments when your kids do something wrong.  For example, you could have them pick up trash or write you a report on an environmental topic.  It will educate them in a productive way, all while helping the environment!

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    Another great way to encourage kids to help the environment is to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle yourself. Have your kids carry reusable bags while you grocery shop, let them help you with composting and organic gardening, and use real or sturdy, reusable plastic dinnerware (instead of themed paper plates that get thrown away) at their birthday parties, etc. When they ask why you do all of these things, explain why it is better for the environment. Kids learn a lot from their parents and tend to mimic your way of doing things, because they fall into the same habits.

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    Make helping the environment fun! Kids like to do things that make them feel rewarded and that they enjoy. Take them out into nature to make them appreciate it. Go hiking, swimming, kayaking, or snorkeling together. Or maybe, take them to museums and botanical gardens to teach them about nature. Or, start a garden at home. The kids will enjoy picking the fruits and vegetables when they ripen, and will learn the value of hard work. Start a weekly point chart, where the kids get points for every green thing they do, and giving a prize at the end of the week if they get to a certain amount of points. I’d stay away from using environmental punishments, however, because that could easily lead to a bad mental association with being eco-friendly.

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