How can I get my kid to go hiking more?



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    Bring other kids along like their friends, the friend’s fun factor usually gets them motivated to go. Make sure the hiking trails are appropriate for their physical abilities, too easy or too difficult can turn them off. Let them pick the areas and hiking trails they want to go on, many kids like to hike in places that have a variety of scenery like streams, lakes or rocks. Check out the link below on tips for hiking with kids to get more ideas.

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    Try involving them in an Eco Scavenger Hunt or a game of I Spy. The link below has a few ideas for creating your own scavenger hunt, including an “experiential” hunt in which the participants are required to experience nature, not just observe it, for example by going fishing. Scavenger hunts are easy to arrange if you’re already familiar with the area you’ll be hiking. If you’re less familiar with your surroundings, I Spy is a similar concept but requires no previous knowledge of the location. For example, if you see a read leaf you say, “I spy a red leaf” and the first participant to find the leaf you’re speaking of gets a point.

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