How can I get my family to use less water?



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    Unfortunately, besides doing things like timing how long everyone takes in the shower, you might have to shell out some cash.  You could buy a high-efficiency washing machine and dishwasher, as well a low-flow toilet.  One thing that is free that is not often thought of is reusing graywater.  There are some restrictions in the United States for using graywater, though.  So, you’d have to check what you can do before trying it.

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    You can try installing low flow toilets and shower heads in the bathroom (Much of our daily water use comes from the bathroom), you can opt for using the sink to clean dishes, since dishwashers can use 9-12 gallons of water, you can get a high-efficiency washing machine, and so on. Buying all of these water-conserving gagets can be pricey, so on a daily basis, try and find ways to use less water. Turn off any running water when you aren’t using it, re-use water (water your plants with the dishwater) etc. 

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    You could consider purchasing a rain barrel, which collects rainwater from your roof. Water from rain barrels is great for your garden, washing your car, watering your lawn, and outdoor uses.  Have your family sit down together and figure out what their water footprint is. This activity shows them directly the implications of their actions.

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    Rip out your lawn and xeriscape it!  It is much more beautiful and will greatly reduce your water footprint.

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    Besides installing efficient water fixtures (faucets, showerheads etc.), doing small things around the house can make a big difference.  Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth.  Take shorter showers, and limit the amount of baths your family takes.  To reduce the amount of water you use for watering your lawn and plants, you can collect rain water.  Hope this helps! 

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    If your family doesn’t have the resources to buy a new low flow toilet, there’s another option for cutting down on water use. Simply take a plastic water bottle, fill it with water, tighten the cap on the bottle, place the bottle in the tank, and then place the lid back on the tank. The amount of water that the bottle is displacing will no longer be used when the toilet is flushed.

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    Encourage your family not to waste a lot of water when washing the dishes or brushing their teeth. Everyone should turn off the water when they aren’t actually using it. People can save a lot of water if they turn off the faucet when they are brushing their teeth, instead of letting the water go to waste.

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