How can I get my family to use less toilet paper?



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    People’s bathroom habits are ingrained in them very strongly from an early age, so don’t expect it to be easy. However, there are a few tips you can use. One of them coincides with something a lot of people are trying to do anyway: eat less food. In addition to losing weight, you won’t be in the bathroom as much. Another tip is to buy two-ply toilet paper and separate the layers, rolling each one separately on an empty roll. This may not be as effective as it sounds at first blush, however; as the paper will be thinner with only one ply the temptation will be to use twice as much, but there may be some savings realized. Beyond these, setting a strict ration is probably a good idea. But, as not all bowel movements are created equal, there will have to be some flexibility in the rationing system just out of common sense.

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    There are many ways in which you can help your family use less toilet paper.  One is awareness of wasting paper.  Educating your family on how much paper is being wasted might make them think twice before using more than needed amount of toilet paper.  Another way could be by trying to get rid of toilet paper altogether and switching over to bidets.  Besides saving on toilet papers, there are many claims that it may actually be more sanitary than using toilet paper.  

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    A lot of people use way too much toilet paper.  Just encouraging a “less is more” attitude could help.  There are also toilets that come with air jets that will dry you, but they can be expensive.  However, it may be something to consider.

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