How can I get my employees to drink less water every day?



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    Get them to drink something else maybe bring in their own beverages but that idea has its flaws. But i have a question for you why would you want your employee’s to drink less water. I have a problem that i cant bring myself to drink water unless im overheating.

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    Well, chances are that if they’re drinking water, it’s because they need it. The human body needs around 100-150 ounces of water a day or more, depending on what they weigh, the area they live in, or even how much physical work they do. Here is where I’m going to make a few assumptions based on your question. Your employees are drinking too much water, and you don’t like having to pay for it. That’s the only reason I can think of for this question.

    You could always remove any sort of water source like drinking fountains, etc, and make them bring their own, but remember, because of workman’s comp, if they feel they are dehydrated because there isn’t enough water available at the workplace, then you could pay, quite literally, for it. In my opinion, let them all know that it shouldn’t interfere with their work, and just swallow the costs. Healthy workers are happy workers. Good luck!

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