How can I get my dog to be less hyper?



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    Make sure you take them out for walks and arrange play sessions with other dogs. Being calm around them will also help, as getting frustrated usually just makes them more hyper. Daily obedience training will make it easier for you to calm them down eventually, though it’ll take a lot of work and diligence (and remember – stay calm!). For more tips, visit:


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    Hyper dogs are usually a direct result of lack of stimulation and exercise.  An under-stimulated dog with take this out by being overly hyper at home.  Take it out to a dog park, take it on frequent walks, and play with it frequently at home.

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    To just add a little more to what’s been said, yes, allowing your dog frequent exercise by walking/running the dog is a great way for your dog to release energy. Also, if your dog can swim, let him swim to burn energy…in the warm weather anyway. Just make sure to supervise to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and make sure that your dog knows where the stairs are so that he/she can safely get out of the pool. However, it is not a wise idea to use a dog park as a means of letting your dog release energy. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer explains this a lot on his TV show and on his website; dogs should be walked and exercised prior to being taken to a dog park because hyper dogs at the parks can create tension and drive up the risk of your dog getting into a fight, whether or not he/she’s typically a fighting dog. Again, you being calm and assertive, as Cesar Millan says, is the best kind of energy to have around your dog. It will catch on with him. If you are angry, or aggressive, or excited, your dog will feel that too and his obedience/hyperness and the situation will not improve.

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    To make a dog less hyper you need to exercise it mentally & physically. Try to change up the daily exercise routine – walks around the neighborhood, hiking, swimming, dog parks, etc. You can also purchase a specialized puzzle made for dogs that challenges them to move pieces with their paws to receive a treat. Ensure that the dog is receiving a balanced diet and doesn’t feel the need to forage through unhealthy substances – i.e. the garbage.

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