How can I get my computer to use less power?



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    You may want to consider simply turning your computer off when your not going to be using it for extended periods (an hour or more) rather than putting it into standby mode which consumes a good deal of energy. Many people do not do this because they don’t want to face long boot up times, but as booting times steadily decrease, simply shutting the computer off may become a more viable power saving option.

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    Here are some ways to lower your computer’s electricity consumption:

    1. Use a laptop over a desktop
    2. Use a slower, but newer processor
    3. Turn off the internet cards
    4. Use simple programs
    5. Do not run drives when it is unnecessary

    Also, put your computer into sleep mode when you won’t be using it for a short amount of time. You won’t have to wait for the long boot sequence when you turn it on, but you will be saving a significant amount of energy. Don’t use screen savers, use the actual sleep or hibernation modes. Also, if Apple computers generally consume less electricity than PC’s, that is if you are comfortable using them all the time. I know that I am not. Lastly, use an LCD monitor if you have a desktop, and don’t be afraid to turn off your computer at night.

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    There are a couple of easy solutions for this! First, you can simply lower the brightness of your computer screen. Secondly, you can go into your Control Panel, and change the Power Options, so that when your computer is idle for more than a few minutes, it will go to sleep.

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