How can I get my body to absorb more of the nutrients I am putting in?



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    One of the main ways is to start taking probiotics. They’re natural bacteria cultures–the good kind of bacteria–which help break down food and make digestion and absorption of nutrients easier. There are a few others ways, which the link below talks about, but I would recommend probiotics as a first step.

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    This is a very difficult question to give a cogent answer to.  For one, your absorption of nutrients has a huge genetic factor, simiilar to how muscle gain, appetitite, and metabolism are also very genetic.  Supplements, can help, but one of the best ways you can increase your absorption is to eat a balanced diet: though this research is still in its infancy, there is evidence to support the idea that nutrients frequently interact, increasing their absorption. 

    Another simple step you can take is to start an exercise regime, if you haven’t already.  Nutrients are absorbed at a MASSIVELY increased rate for about a half hour after exercise, and at a still very highly increased rate in people who exercise regularly versus those who don’t. 

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