How can I get my blackberry bush to grow more fruit?



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    If a blackberry bush looks healthy but either grows misshapen fruit or doesn’t grow fruit at all, it’s possible that it has a virus. If this is the case, the bush needs to be removed, because blackberry viruses cannot be cured. It’s also possible that a lack of fruit means the bush has a fungus, in which case it can be treated with a fungicide. Pest infestation could also be the cause, in which case the bush should be treated with a pesticide. Lastly, environmental factors such as soil or lack of pollinators could be the reason the blackberry bush isn’t growing a lot of fruit. Have the soil tested to be sure that there is a healthy amount of nutrients in the soil. To attract pollinators, limit the use of pesticides around the plant (assuming the plant is not infested with pests) to ensure that pollinators can get to the bush.

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    Blackberries are pretty hardy, and can survive in poor soil and drought, but will certainly do better with good soil and water. Put up a trellis so the canes can support themselves. Be careful, but try to cut off the last years old canes, new canes will sprout and grow berries.

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    Plants live in cycles – some years they produce a great amount of fruit (these are called “mast years”), and other years they do not. When they do not, it might indicate that the plant is trying to grow its stalks, stems, and leaf systems – but to the detriment of its fruit. To encourage fruit growth, pruning and ‘pinching off’ of new stem and leaf growths can divert a plant’s energy to its fruit. See the link below for more information.

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