How can I get mushroom spores to start growing mushrooms at my house for food?



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    If your question is where you can find spores, there are sites like this one which will sell you spores suitable for growing food mushrooms.  You may also be able to obtain spores from fresh mushrooms at a farmers market or grocery store, from what I remember of 7th grade biology, the spores are under the cap.

    If you question is how can you make them grow, then take a look at these two websites.

    If you want to get scientific and go through a process of growing food mushrooms on petri dishes with ordered growth medium, you can try this route.

    Or if you are looking to grow mushrooms in your backyard, try this website.  They state that you will need to plant the spores on a log or other nutrient rich substrate and just wait.

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    There are also mushroom kits available-even organic ones! It makes growing mushrooms a much easier process. Various varieties of mushrooms are available, it’s worth a look.

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