How can I get more fiber into my diet?



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    When people hear “fiber” and “diet” together, they usually think of bran muffins and breakfast cereal that’s marketed as high in fiber. There are other ways to get it, though. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of fiber, and at least partially eating the peels of various fruits can be a good source of fiber. Eat whole grain breads and avoid processed white or Wonder bread. Better yet, make your own bread! Nowadays you can usually get raw grains at grocery stores (try the organic/health food section) and making bread is a fun and relatively easy process, and the results will be much tastier than bread you buy at the store. Don’t overdo it on fiber, though. Too much can irritate your digestive tract, especially the bowels.

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    Specific fruits and vegetables that are especially high in fiber include pears, berries, artichokes and edamame.  The added benefits of these foods are that they are also high in anti-oxidents.  Eating a variety of foods is always the best way to eat in a healthy way.

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    Pretty much any fruit or vegetable will have a decent amount of fiber in it.  Some super sources would be pears, apples, carrots, yams, or anything else with an edible peel.  Beans are also an excellent source, although they are also a great source of gas.  For a very simple switch, try eating whole wheat bread instead of white more often as it’s bound to have more fiber and be less processed.  A few additions to your normal diet will do the trick without you having to take any fiber pills or gross drink mixes. 

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