How can I get a green architecture degree?



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    The San Francisco Institute of Architecture is a center for innovation in design and education. They offer specific courses in sustainability degree programs. Some also offer online classes. More in formation on green architecture degrees are available at the second link below.

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    You could try colleges like Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability, or Ball State University’s Architecture program. Both are linked to in the citation below. Many schools of architecture will likely put a focus on green and sustainable building practices, since these will likely be important components in the future of architecture.

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    Also, you can go to school and get just an architecture degree and then take many test to be certified in green architects. I suggest joining AIA, each local chapter will have continuing education courses in green building. Also, join the USGBC they will suggest courses to take on becoming a green designer, like taking a course to become LEED certified.

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