How can I get a good workout without causing any pollution?



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    The best way to workout without causing pollution is by walking everywhere or running outside. Other ways including just throwing on your ipod and dancing, swimming, volunteering (with lots of physical activities like gardening), cleaning, doing yoga, and even doing yard work. There are tons of sites out there with exercises you can do at home without equipment. Check out this one for some tips-

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    There are many physical activities you can perform without creating pollution or using any workout equipment that uses electricity. Walking, jogging, hiking, and riding your bike are great ways to get some exercise. You can also think about joining a local sports team and/or working out at home by doing things like sit-ups, push-ups, and crunches.

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    Get back to the basics of fitness.
    Any exercise that requires you to only use your body, should not have any negative environmental impacts.

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    Sure!  Basically anything you can do without a machine is fine for the environment.  Jog, run, lift weights, do isolations — any of those things won’t pollute.

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