How can I get bees out of a brick wall in my back yard?



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    Properly removing a nest of bees from a wall may involve a beekeeper to remove the insect, a carpenter to dismantle/reassemble the wall, and/or a licensed pest control company to eradicate the insects if removal is impractical. 

    You must first identify the insect. Identification of the insect or its nest can provide valuable information needed to assess the situation. The solution to the problem can be quite different for each species of insect that takes up residence your home. For example, bumble bees typically will not nest in a wall cavity, but often find suitable nesting in materials such as insulation, foam pads, and/or seat cushions. Yellow jackets will build their paper nests in wall cavities, holes in the ground, or in the attic (or crawlspace) of your home. Honey bees like the protection of wall cavities, especially in older homes that lack insulation between the wall studs.

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    If possible, you might want to talk to some local beekeepers. They might be able to attempt removal, and would be interested in retaining the bees for themselves. Otherwise, a professional bee removal service might be in line. Or, plant some fruit trees and let the bees do their work! Bees rarely sting if you leave them be. They are essential for crop cultivation for humans, and yet are dying off in devastating numbers for unknown reasons, a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder. Pesticides may be what is killing the essential creatures. I say, unless you have kids you’re worried about, let them stay. 🙂

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