How can I fix my lawn if it has crabgrass?



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    You can kill crabgrass naturally by using corn gluten pellets as a pre-emergent herbicide – this means treating your lawn with the corn gluten pellets will need to be done before the crabgrass has had time to germinate and grow.

    You can also pull up the weeds by hand, aerate the area and over seed your lawn with grass seed to prevent the weed from growing back.

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    It is highly recommended to use a store bought chemical that ONLY kills the crabgrass and to only use a crabgrass cleaner as a ‘spot’ treatment. If you don’t read labels or don’t pay attention to where you are spraying the chemical, you could end up doing some serious damage to your lawn. Don’t start spraying if there is a storm coming, you may end up killing your lawn or anything that the chemical touches and the same goes for watering. Give the chemical a good 24 hours to settle after spraying. It is also recommended to not use any chemicals during the hottest part of your day and not to mow the lawn afterwords since you want to chemical to get soaked up by the crabgrass.

    Be aware what you are buying, read the labels, use the product correctly and be careful when using the product. Also don’t fret if your lawn is yellow, it will come back green soon enough.

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