How can I find out what products my local recycling program processes?



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    Most local recycling programs should have a website that describes what they will recycle.  If something is unclear or unanswered, there should be a contact phone number listed.  States have different types of programs, and it also can vary from county to county.  The first thing I would do is google your state/county with the term “recycling program” as well.  This should get you started.  Good luck!

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    They generally have their guidelines posted on their website or in some form of literature at their location. A good rule of thumb is looking on the packaging of the items you wish to recyclye, since there are many types of plastics which can not currently be recycled at most locations.

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    Most cities list their recycling centers contact information in the front of the phone book. So if you can’t find a website, check there. You can also contact the chamber of commerce. 

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