How can I find out how much water I actually use?



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    A good place to start would be looking at your water bill. If you are truly interested in finding out the amount of water it takes to produce to goods you use, some extensive research might be involved. Take into account that water is used, in some capacity, for the production of almost every finished good or product that you use. Take into consideration water used for the production of the petroleum used to power your car, the water used for supply electricity to your home, and the water used to grow all the food and beverages you consume. Again, if you want to find an exact amount, you might be in for some in depth research, but it would be well worth your time, especially if you find ways to decrease your water usuage in the process!

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    You can look at estimates of water usage here on this site: Sometimes we tend to take for granted the real value of water since we don’t always see the repercussions of water shortage and water contamination directly affecting us but the mere presence of water conservation units is an indication in itself that we must be more wary of the way we use and conserve water.

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