How can I find out how clean water is in my zip code?

I know there is a site you can go to, but I don’t know what it is. This is to find details on how clean your area water is. Thank you.Linda



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    Most municipalities have clean drinking water, unless otherwise noted.  The EPA is the regulating body that controls the amount of testing done on municipal water (by contrast the FDA regulates bottled water as a “food product).  The best place to check for your area is the second link below, which links directly to a map provided by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  You can use this map to see if each sip is safe!

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    Another option would be to order a water quality testing kit and sample your home water for elements such as fecal coliforms, VOCs and metals which can be primary water contaminants.  You could also sample your water and send it in to a professional lab (such as on a local college campus) and they would be able to give you accurate results on the quality of your water.

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