How can i find my missing dog?

January 10th 2011 me and my partner put our dog in our backyard made sure the gate was secure and the doors locked, we left our house at 12:30pm to go to class and came back right away when it was finished at 4:20pm. when we returned our living room was filled with strangers that one of our tenants had invited over, they said they were there since 2:00pm. i started to make dinner real quick and everyone just got up and left, it seemed like in a hurry, i realized my dog wasn’t doing his usual which is standing at the sliding door watching tv or barking or whining for me to come and play. so i had my partner go out to the yard and see what was up. to our surprise max was gone, not a single trace to how he got out. the fence is too high for him to jump, he doesn’t dig, and our other smaller dog was still there in the yard, the fence was still closed and not a single person saw him or heard him. the tenants said they didn’t see or hear him all day. but later we found out he had lost his job and he still hasn’t paid a single months rent. the only people who knew we had max were our family that lives in the house with us and the tenants, because we just moved back here from pa and we were only here for 10 days, when max went missing. i need answers i’ve been searching for him everywhere i filed a police report i’ve talked to many people and posted fliers everywhere went to numerous shelters.



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    I’m sorry to hear your dog is missing. I understand your pain. Dogs are like members of the family. The best things to do are go door to door to all of your neighbors, post fliers, and talk to every animal shelter you can find. If something fishy went on and the dog got stolen or picked up, one of your neighbors could have seen it. If someone did pick up the dog, they would likely take it to a local shelter or report it. If you are concerned that the animal has been sold off for money, check craigslist postings to see if they have listed the dog there. Otherwise, don’t give up hope. Keep checking for postings around the neighborhood, and don’t hesitate to knock on doors to ask people if they’ve seen anything!

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    Hang flyers in your area dog park or community center. If your are concerned that your tenant took Max or knows the person who did, question him! He signed a lease making him responsible for the property and responsible for the people who visit. If anything is damaged, stolen, etc. the tenant is responsible. Depending on how behind he is in his rent payments, you can take him to court. Don’t give up looking for Max. I hope you find him!

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    That kind of thing has happened to many people so don’t feel alone. I’m very sorry to hear about your dog. If anything happened to my dog, I’d know I’ want to do all I can to find him too. I’d suggest you hang flyers up in local pet shelters and stores, go door to door asking people in your neighborhood, tell local pet shelters what has happened so they can call if if they see him, talk more to your tenant and all the guests that were there that day and organize a search party with your friends and family members to look for him. Remember, the more people you have, the more likely you’ll be or finding him. Also you can call shelters and hang flyers in other towns, cities or even all over your state. The more ground you cover, the more likely you are to find Max. Set a reward on your flyers so people are motivated to return him if they see him.

    Good luck with your dog! I hope you find Max.

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      i’ve posted many fliers in as many towns as i can drive to. and last night i just made a new type of flier that is a lot more detailed in which i will be hanging all over again. i noticed when i drive around my fliers are being taken down because people ignorant and don’t want things like that in front of their houses.

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    I used to work as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, and we often recommended that clients who had lost (or found) pets put ads up on Because it is free, many people use it to post ads of lost animals, along with photographs, and can easily get the information out to a specific community very quickly. We had a lot of success with clients being reunited with their pets through Craigslist. Additionally people who had found pets running loose and were willing to hang on to the animal until an owner was located often placed ads on the site, along with photographs, in hopes of reuniting them with owners. Another great idea to help you reunite more quickly with your dog if something like this happens in the future is to have him microchipped, in which a small pellet is inserted under his skin. It can be scanned for a unique ID number that can be traced to your information. Most veterinary clinics and animals shelters have scanners that can easily be used to get information on your pet to help reunite him with you more quickly. Best of luck!

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      we already have max micro chipped and registered with micro chip data base and a lost pet alert went out to every shelter and vet within 10 miles of us. we found out that the gardener said he saw our dog just standing in a neighbors yard but we asked the majority of the neighbors around us and other people who walk their dogs daily if they had seen max but no one has, only the gardener. i know my dog and he’s not the type of dog to just stay around in one place he is very curious and love to run he would have been all over the place sniffing around. we’ve went to the police and they didn’t help, we’ve posted and keep posting fliers EVERYWHERE, people keep ripping them down some just ripped right through the middle of the flier and most just ripped off the tape and flying around on the ground. we go to the shelter almost everyday. we’ve been to shelter as far a a hundred miles away. dogs just do vanish without a trace. i’m so lost and have no clue what to do anymore. when we try to post anything about max on craigslist it gets flagged and i don’t know why im don’t do or say anything wrong it the post i don’t even put my number in the postings, just my email address. i have ads on ebay i even made a facebook just for max. we go out almost every night and day calling for him and knocking different doors we haven’t yet. i’m sad without him. i’ve held off on getting a job just to find him i don’t know how i’ve been surving this whole time since we got out here to cali. it was only 10 days that we were here when max went missing. and we got him from pa which is where i’m from. im so lost and confused.

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    In the future, you can actually place a very miniscule tracking device in your doggie’s skin. It’s becoming very popular now with puppy shelters. It’s simply inserted just under the skin -it’s about the size of your fingernail – and a dogowner can find his pal any time he goes missing. You can have this done at many veterinarians offices, animal hospitals, or specialty organizations.

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