How can I exercise in the most energy-efficient way?



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    A great way to exercise in the most energy efficient way is to just go for a run outside. This way, you are not using a gym that has to be powered by electricity or not using a TV to do exercise videos. Running or walking outside is a great way to exercise. You can also do this with a dog if you have one. It is a great motivator to exercise if you have a dog because they need to be walked at least once a day!

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    Instead of  going to the gym, you can jog or run outside. This will allow your lungs to breathe fresh air and use less energy (it takes electricity to run the machines in gyms).

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    The most energy efficient is to use your own body and running or walking outdoors is an excellent way to expend a lot of energy as well as burn some calories and clear your head.  Other good ways to exercise that don’t require a gym, are hiking, swimming, biking, snowshoeing, and stairclimbing.  If you live somewhere that there is a lot of air pollution you do not want to run on the high pollution days or during the middle of the day.

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    If you walk or bike to go to school, work, the grocery store, shopping, (wherever) instead of driving you’ll get some exercise and save a car trip.

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    i agree with tutt47. I think the best way to exercise in an energy efficient way is to think about how you can exchange machine energy with your own energy. Not only does this mean walking or biking instead of taking the car, shoveling snow, and raking leaves. You could also take up green hobbies like gardening and hiking.

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    Do not exercise inside! This will save electricity on lights, machines, air conditioning, etc. Being outside is much more rewarding anyway. I like to go for a long run, and take my dog. This benefits both of us: he is tired when I’m at work and sleeps, and I save money and energy on being outside instead of in the gym. Plus, it gives us some quality time together 🙂

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    I agree with everyone but I would like to bring a new idea.

    Try body weight exercises. They can be done anywhere and do not require equipment ( although you can implement it). A good example of success is Zuzzana Light, the former host of Now, they use equipment but in the past, she has done many many exercises that were strictly body weight. Some of the exercises were pushup variations, sit up variations, jumps, burpees, jump tucks, sqauts, 1 arm exercises, lunges, etc…

    Exercise outside if you can. To me, there is nothing better than fresh air, natural wind and the openness of being outside when I’m sweating.

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