How can I encourage gardening in my community?



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    A good way would be to start by example. Start your own home garden and share with neighbors and other community members, demonstrating how easy and beneficial gardening can be. If there is a community garden in your area, you could attempt to have it used as a small venue for various events such as such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, church meetings, small performances, even intimate weddings. This could create a more vested interest in the garden while developing community spirit. 

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    To add to this answer, I always found farmer’s markets to be a great way to get a community involved in gardening. Not only can you produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, but you can make a profit off of them. A farmer’s market is a great way to get the community together for a healthy cause, while also stimulating economic growth. Growing new and exciting things can be a community event, rather than a solitary pastime. 

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