How can I eat sustainably?



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    Yes it is actually possible to eat sustainably in today’s society. It is, however, fairly difficult and inconvenient. It also depends on your definition of sustainable. Sustainable agriculture means, according to the, “Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment.”  This means organically and locally. Not just one or the other. Organic also doesn’t mean Big Organic, which is the name coined for the growing organic industry which has very low standards in terms of the word organic. The most sustainable way to eat would  be to purchase food from local farmers markets. Research how these farms grow their food. Make sure that whatever is being taken from the land is being put right back in. This means alternating crops to keep soil rich, and using minimal water for a good yield. Sacrifice fruits that have to come from across the Pacific to get to your plate. If one wants to eat meat sustainably, wild game is probably the most sustainable choice. A vegetarian lifestyle is still more sustainable however. 

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    I would agree that a vegetarian lifestyle is both great for the environment and easy to undertake.  It is for the most part cheaper than eating meat, it is healthy for the body, and it is healthy for the mind and spirit since has proven positive for the environment.  Moreover, it is convenient to purchase vegetarian products at grocers and easy to eat at most restaurants.

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    In order to eat sustainably, it is important to know where your food is coming from. Eating local food can cut down on the carbon footprint your diet leaves. Buying local food will also benefit the local economy, and your food will be fresher. Planting your own garden is a fun and environmentally friendly way to supply yourself with local veggies, and composting will reduce your garbage output while supplying nutrients for the plants.

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    Think carefully about where you get your food.  Research companies and find out where they get their products.  Then, if you find a company that is committed to sustainability, make the choice to buy from them more often.  That way you can be sure that you are eating sustainably.

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