How can I eat healthier if I can’t afford organic produce?



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    Eating healthy does not necessarily mean you need to buy organic produce. Just changing your diet from eating burgers to consuming vegetables means you are already eating healthier. Here are some tips on eating better on a budget:

    Buy generic:
    Generic brands can provide a great savings when shopping and are often labeled as the store’s brands. The nutritional value of the food is the same, whether it’s canned, frozen, or bagged foods.

    Skip organic:
    There are some benefits to buying organic foods, but the nutritional content is equivalent is both organic and “conventional” (non-organic) foods. You don’t necessarily get better nutritional content with organic foods, although some people prefer the taste of organic foods. Buy conventional items to save money. Try to buy locally grown foods, when in season, for added savings.

    Shop the perimeter (outside) of the store first. That’s where all of the healthier choices usually are; you’ll avoid all the more processed, costly items.

    Switch to water instead of drinking soda.

    Don’t buy junk food.

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    Another great option instead of your local grocer who may push up the price of organic produce would be your local farmer’s market.  Here’s a great way to FIND A FARMER’S MARKET NEAR YOU.  Once you’re there sellers have no qualms answering any questions you have about their produce, so press them.  Ask if their produce is sprayed with anything or if the use chemicals in their soil.  

    Another option is to grow your own produce.  It may sound daunting but if you can just start growing one item a year you’ll be on a the best track toward a healthy lifestyle.  Here’s a great ARTICLE TO HELP YOU GET STARTED

    Best of luck!

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    I actually just answered a similar question to this a little while ago. One thing you can do is support organizations that are working to bring safe, cruelty-free foods the masses. Below I have a link to an organization called the Food Animal Concerns Trust.  there you can learn more, sign a petition, and donate (if you so feel) 

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